Class Action Claims Administrator

Hoffman Clark provides class action claims administrator and settlement fund administrator expertise for class action settlements. Our approach to class action claims administration and settlement fund management is based upon accurate processing procedures and sound accounting practices. We provide cost-effective and responsive services. We have been engaged as settlement administrator responsible for managing and overseeing mass tort claims processing.

Mass Tort Claims Administrator

Mass tort matters may involve a large amount of complex claims and ongoing management of an entity responsible for mass tort liabilities. Our team has the experience and unique combination of skills necessary for the duties and responsibilities of mass tort services. Our approach to claim analysis is based upon our business problem solving methodology. We conduct an initial case assessment, investigate financial records and thoroughly accumulate relevant accounting information, accurately process claims, and independently report our findings. Our class action claims administration capabilities are outlined below.

Class Action Claims Processing

  • Process, review and analyze claims
  • Verify and validate claims and settlement amounts
  • Streamline claims processing for individual class members
  • Registration form development, distribution and collection
  • Reporting on claims processing activity
  • Independent accounting for distributions

Class Data Resource Management

  • Developing claim investigation strategies and accounting procedures
  • Managing projects to accumulate data and process information
  • Collecting data from relevant sources
  • Developing databases for the purpose of analyzing information and processing claims
  • Claims database analysis and management

Class Communication

  • Coordinate or perform mailings associated with notice plans
  • Email and first-class mail noticing
  • Class Member notification process material approval
  • Toll free phone line with message system
  • Telephone and email support personnel
  • Live call center assistance from customized script material
  • Design and implement secure customized website
  • Develop frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers
  • Web domain transfer, configuration and hosting
  • Interface with attorneys and other professionals
  • Facilitate communication between constituents

A class action lawsuit seldom goes to trial. Typically, the class action lawsuit is dismissed or a settlement is reached between settling parties. The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA) ensures that each settlement is fair, reasonable and adequate. We provide class action claims administrator and settlement fund services relating to the settlement agreement.