Intellectual Property

Hoffman Clark’s experience in intellectual property (IP) matters covers patents, trade secrets, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights and unfair competition. We have assisted clients ranging from inventive individuals to Fortune 500 corporations and their counsel in IP management. Our IP capabilities encompass strategy matters involving accounting, licensing royalties, royalty audits and patent valuation and economic matters involving patent, trademark and copyright damages expert witness testimony. Through our consulting and expert witness engagements in infringement cases we are familiar with the damages issues and legal precedents that frequently attend IP litigation. Our expert experience includes IP cases involving damages issues relating to lost profits, price erosion, reasonable royalty and profits accounting as well as IP related forensic accounting investigations.

Certified Licensing ProfessionalOur professional certifications include the Certified Licensing Professional (CLP), a designation of the Licensing Executives Society that distinguishes professionals who have demonstrated experience and proficiency in the licensing and commercialization of intellectual property through involvement in patenting, marketing, valuation, IP law, negotiation and intellectual asset management. We have been a member of the Licensing Executives Society for over 20 years.