Personal Damages

Hoffman Clark analyzes the present value of future loss of earnings, life care plans, and future medical costs in matters related to product liability, personal injury, employment, and wrongful death. Our specialized personal damages consulting and expert witness services help clients evaluate exposure and quantify the impact of incidents involving individuals.

We provide economic and financial consulting services that employ unique skills and experience in calculating damages. Our involvement in personal economic loss consulting includes cases involving: product liability, work-related accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and injury/death.

Our team analyzes personal loss matters based on the unique situations of each case and within claim structures involving:

  • Present value of life care plans
  • Present value of future medical costs
  • Present value of future loss of earnings
  • Earnings (employee and self-employed)
  • Life and working life expectancy
  • Inflation rates
  • Discount rates
  • Damages periods

Hoffman Clark approaches each assignment with the sound financial perspective that has earned us a solid reputation for delivering reliable and defensible accounting, economic, and valuation assessments. Our specialized personal economic loss services are supported by a team of credentialed professionals.