Trust Services

Hoffman Clark’s experience includes providing professional services for various types of trusts and estates, as a provider of independent accounting services and as a fiduciary. We serve the unique needs of individual as well as settlement fund trusts. Our trust services are delivered in a cost-effective and responsive manner, focused on specific requirements, and based on sound accounting practices.

Hoffman Clark Appointed Administrator of $80 Million Settlement

Settlement Administrator

Hoffman Clark provides settlement administrator and class action claims expertise. Our team has the experience and unique combination of skills necessary for class action claims, mass torts, and other claims. We have been engaged as a fiduciary and Court designated settlement administrator responsible for managing and overseeing mass tort claims and serving as Trustee for Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) assets.

  • Accounting for Qualified Settlement Fund income and expenses
  • Receipt of funds, invoicing and recordkeeping for cash receipts
  • Preparation of disbursement and reconciliation of distribution amounts
  • Concluding fund affairs and final accounting
  • Tax planning and compliance procedures
  • Contributions and distributions of property treatment
  • Quarterly estimated payments
  • Representation before taxing authorities

Claims Processing

  • Processing, reviewing and analyzing claims
  • Verifying and validating claims and settlement amounts
  • Registration form development, distribution and collection
  • Reporting on claims processing activity
  • Developing claim investigation strategies and accounting procedures
  • Managing projects to accumulate data and process information
  • Developing databases for analyzing information and processing claims
  • Claims database analysis and management
  • Coordinating mailings associated with notice plans
  • Live call center assistance and email support
  • Designing and implementing secure customized website
  • Interfacing with attorneys and other professionals